This tour went to Germany, Switzerland and Italy on  September 10, 2013. We flew from Denver to Frankfurt.  Cologne was our first stop for the Lindor Chocolate Factory, and then on to Heidelberg to tour the Heidelberg castle and a river cruise. Rittersport Chocolate was next, and on to Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau Castles.  We toured on to Zurich Switzerland and the Lauderbach Chocolate Factory, and Turin Italy, where we stayed in a resort in Pontassieve Italy. We saw Florence, Pisa, and traveled home on October 26th.

This tour departed from Denver on Septermber 4, 2014. We arrived in Frankfurt Germany where our personal driver picked us up and took us to the world famous Haufbrau House in Munich. We stayed in Oberammergau Germany, in the Southern German Alps. We traveled to Dachu, and Garmisch. We had a city tour of Innsbruck Austria and went to Swarovski Crystal Display. We traveled to Salzburg for a river cruise, city tour, and the Eagles Nest built for Adolf Hitler's 50th birthday high atop the Alps, the Saltzburg Salt Mine (which was a hoot and a highlight of our trip) and we took in a marionette theater. We traveled back to Germany where we participated in the Night Watchman's tour in Rothenburg. We had a visit to Zeppelin Field and the Hall of Congress in Nuremburg. We flew back to Denver on Oct. 20th.

The Downton Abbey Tour was just pure luck to get tickets to the Highclare Castle. We set out on our journey to England on May 23. We spent our first day in Oxford with a free day to tour as we wished. Some of us had an afternoon tea at Brown's restaurant, and we were impressed. We ended the first day with a dinner cruise on the Themes. We toured the Costwold where scenes are filmed with Lady's Edith's little Marigold was staying during the 4th season. In the afternoon we had a tour of Highclare castle which was visited with great anticipation. We were not disappointed. We also visited Stonehenge with a free day and city tour in London.

Downton Abbey Tour 2015

As in all of our tours, we set out on our from Denver.  September 11, we landed in Edinburgh and did the  city tour.  We visited the Edinburgh Castle, a scotch distillery, and something really unusual, Camera Obscura, a dilusional way of seeing the many things we had seen before. We visited the Palace of Holyroodhouse, The Royal Mile,  and The Royal Yacht Britania. We traveled to Glasgow and saw the , Kelvingore Museum, The Falkirk Wheel,The Glasgow Science Center, Stirling Castle, and took a cruise on Loch Lomond. The Kelsies were fabulous and a great wonder. We departed the friendliest country in the world on September 24th.